Friday, 25 September 2009

Installation 2 - 'Falling Down' 5th - 20th September 2009

These are images of my second installation exhibited at the Glasgow club venue 'The Flying Duck' during September 2009. I was invited by the club night 'Orderly Disorder' to create a piece for their artspace, and so the installation entitled 'Falling Down' was created.

The concept of 'Falling Down' is an intentional juxtaposition of the recession with the classic tale 'Alice's Adventures In Wonderland'. Whilst we will still continue to consume during the recession, our choices made as to what we consume are influenced by the sense we make of the worth of the consumables in our lives. There's fun to had in consumption but what would you do to get out of a hole where new choices present themselves? This is the focus of this installation, with objects taking on personas and projected shadows (using LED lights) that give the objects life. It is certainly apparent that the objects are characters that are positioned to represent the sequence of meetings that happen for Alice during her time in wonderland. I see the experience of recession as very similiar to Alice's experience in wonderland, and how her interactions with characters influence her choices, and prompt her rapid maturity in a non-sensical place that questions reality.

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