Saturday, 17 July 2010

Wind from the Sea

Andrew Wyeth's painting is a scene from a room on the top floor of his friend’s house in coastal Maine and captures a moment on a hot summer day, when the tattered and transparent curtains are blown into the room by wind coming from the sea. The window almost serves as a frame and places the viewer inside the room.

Andrew Wyeth had said that ‘its all in how you arrange the thing… the careful balance of design is motion.’ In terms of color, this painting is not very adventurous. The hues used are mainly white, yellow-orange, green and some black. Though only warm colours have been used, the sense of motion in the painting and the black used for the trees in the distance gives the painting some cool spots. The colours are analogous with a basic analogous scheme of yellow and yellow-orange.

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larfav said...

Do you have this original painting? If not, do you know where I can find it?