Thursday, 7 October 2010

Article from 'The Independent' 3rd Sept 2010

Fruiting bodies: the art of fungi

FB I Amethyst Deceiver by Julia Claxton

A series of captivating pictures of mushrooms and other fungi went on show for the first time today in Brighton. The work, by award winning photographer Julia Claxton, is displayed at The Restaurant at Drakes Hotel as part of the Brighton & Hove Food Festival. For the exhibition, ‘Fruiting Bodies,’ Claxton was inspired by “the richness and diversity of form in the fruiting bodies of fungi and the sense of the hidden revealed by their sudden appearance.”

She said: “The myths and mystery that traditionally surround these fruiting bodies are echoed in this apprehension of an ever unfolding universe, a microcosm that reflects the macrocosm.”

FB II False Chanterelles by Julia Claxton

FB VI Tricholoma Rutilans by Julia Claxton

FB IX Birch Bracket by Julia Claxton

FB Vi Earthballs by Julia Claxton

FB VII Olive Russulas by Julia Claxton

FB VIII Pleurotus by Julia Claxton

FB X Fly Agaric by Julia Claxton

FB XIii Cream Top by Julia Claxton

FB XII Wood Blewits by Julia Claxton

FB XV Lactarius by Julia Claxton

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