Sunday, 13 March 2011

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I Have Loved the Stars too Fondly, to be Afraid of the Night 2009

Originally from Montreal, Alhena Katsof is currently based in Glasgow, Scotland where she graduated from the MFA course at the Glasgow School of Art in 2007. Her practice is informed by the conceptual and aesthetic sensibilities of collage. Alhena’s process involves gleaning from a vast pool of found images and then removing them from their specific narrative and historical reference points. Her works often allude to a crosshatch of possible symbols and suspended allegory. Although the pieces themselves do not reveal specific histories, dates or locations their references remain tangible: neither abandoned nor exonerated. As such, her works are often suggestive rather then explicit. There is often a lingering sense of discomfort or violence in her finished compositions, in which formal decisions about line and color are equally important as image content. The contrast between explicit selection and happenstance is fundamental to her approach in which found or self-made images are often obscured or juxtaposed in simple but deliberate ways. The evidence of labor or the remnants of performative actions have become more pronounced in her works, which include assemblages, sculptural installations, slide shows and video.

Recently, Alhena’s recent exhibitions include, The Sinking Road, Inter/Media, Glasgow (with Tim Facey); Writing Objects, Galerie Art Concept, Paris; You Can’t Hide Your Love Forever, Galerie LHK, Paris; At Our Hands, The Project Room, Glasgow (with Stina Wirfelt) and Further More, ArtNews Projects, Berlin. Upcoming exhibitions include an exhibition with Hencho En Casa, Mexico City. Alhena is the founder of the ongoing curatorial project, A.Vermin.

Bodies Need Rest 2009

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