Monday, 16 May 2011

Lise Bjorne Linnert - artist

Although I often use my own body as a startingpoint, my concerns are not of a private character but directed to experiences we all share as living beings.

I spit on, scream at, whisper through materials like ashes made from my earlier works. I let my pulse trace its imprint onto paper . I do voice performances or sound installations bringing presence forward.

My projects are abstract but literal. Initially they are esthetical and inviting but looking closer reveals uncomfortable and intrusive layers.

In Fences, my focus is on boundaries. With a very quiet, yet intrusive, action I embroider with silk thread around a broken part of a fence. This action, stitching around wires of a fence, is the essence of the project. The stitched trace is modest in size. On one hand it is a trace of care informed by the manner of stitches and the labor of doing it. Simultaneously it is an intrusive performance done on private or official properties without any permission.

Fences, archival card presentation
photo documentation, public intervention
2009- ongoing
Dimensions variable

Fences,Folke BernadottesAvenue,Copenhagen.09.07.09
Public intervention, silk thread on fence, photodocumentation
2008, ongoing
2,7 " x 3,9 "

Fences, Embassy
photo documentation, public intervention, embroidery fence
Dimensions variable

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