Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Forms of Being - Jo Ganter

Amazingly powerful yet subtle photo-ethcings by artist Jo Ganter at the Glasgow Print Studio.

Cell 16

Digital photograph and etching
93.5 x 98cm

Glasgow Print Studio Exhibition: 5th March - 4th April 2010

The series of large photo-etchings, Forms of Being are suggestive, rather than descriptive, of rooms with walls, and spaces defined by light and shadow. She combines digital photographs taken in her studio of fabric hanging figuratively and then etches over these with metal plates covered in grey paints that gives the images an industrial tones and also ghostliness.
The works are huge and occupy the GPS gallery space well. The exhibition was a really inspiring sight and encourages the abstract and figurative to combine in works that command contemplation.

Forms of Being I

81 x 122cm

Two Standing

Digital photograph and etching
63 x 95cm

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