Tuesday, 6 April 2010

RE:Coat exhibition

Aqueous 2010
Acrylic on Panel
35 X 45

Matt Mignanelli (born June 16, 1983 Providence, RI) is an artist based in New York City best known for his brightly colored abstract paintings.

In 2005 Mignanelli graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA.

Mignanelli's recent works focus on energy, pattern, light, and emotion. He explores the relationship between nature and structure, which is relayed through the use of geometric shapes juxtaposed against organic forms. While maintaining a vibrant and playful approach on the surface, the work seeks to examine and provoke reflection on both environment and imagination.

Becoming recognized early in his career Matt Mignanelli's paintings have been shown throughout the United States and internationally at such galleries as MILK Gallery in New York City, The Pure Project in New York City, Recoat Gallery in Glasgow, Scotland, Global Gallery in Sydney, Australia and MFK Galerie in Berlin, Germany. His work has also appeared in numerous publications such as GQ (UK edition), Dazed & Confused, Time Out: Chicago, the Norwegian magazine Mann, Honolulu Magazine, New York Press, Revolutionart, The Dubliner, and Vallarta Lifestyles. He has also completed murals for Nickelodeon and CITYarts.

He worked on and can be seen painting in the Björk video "Declare Independence", directed by Michel Gondry.

Mignanelli's debut international solo exhibition “The Paradigm,” opened in April 2010 at Recoat Gallery, Woodside Road, Glasgow. I was at the opening, and can say the work is very vibrant and illustrative in its style. The exhibition runs from Apr 2nd – May 3rd.

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