Saturday, 13 November 2010

inspiring creations by Chris Drury - specific works

2008 Destroying Angel
An installation at the Nevada Museum of Art made from over 1700 bundles of sage brush suspended on nylon thread, floor to ceiling. Approx 4m x 2m

This work will also be made from sagebrush twigs suspended from nylon thread and set within a Perspex box, in an edition of 3. Approx 204 x 102 cm

2000 Boletus Circle Mud screen print on artist's paper and Japanese paper.
Edition 6 - 120 x 104 cm

2003 DESTROYING ANGEL TRINITY Digitally printed mushroom spore prints and hand written words in white ink and pencil on canvas.
In three parts, each 170 x 170 cm.

2004 THE VOLCANOES OF ICELAND Hand written text in ink, listing all the volcanic Mountains of Iceland, on an inkjet printed map from the Landmanalauger area, overprinted onto an ink cap spore print and peat impregnated paper, with lava dust in acrylic emulsion.

140 x 98.5 cm

1995-1996 ‘INK CAP I & II'
Ink Cap spore print) on paper (I) and Card (II), and hand-written text in ink cap ink using a reed pen. Text reads ‘ink Cap’.

76cm x 56cm.

Amanita muscaria spore print on black card with radiating lines of handwritten text in white ink listing all the poisonous fungi and their effect on the body.

82 x 82 cm

White spore print on black card with text in white ink and graphite using words relating to emerging.

50 x 50 cm

A mushroom spore print on glass from a beech forest in Ohio was put into a slide projector and projected onto the surface of a creek at night.

The resulting reflection onto the rock wall of the opposite bank formed the material for a 3 minute looped video.

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