Monday, 11 April 2011

memory like a sponge

On Friday 8th April I went to The Foam Centre in Howard St, Glasgow to see what foam they stock in store and what needs to be ordered in. I was really pleasantly surprised to see a wide selection of foam instore, including 18 inch squares of memory foam for £11.75.

They also have thin sheets of foam ideal for puppet mask making.

I spent £9.20 on 4 sheets of foam.

They can order in single bed sized memory foam mattress toppers, size 72 x 36 inches, but the cost is too high for me, £80!

Their number is 0141 221 7578

About Memory Foam

Visco elastic memory foam was originally developed by NASA to aid the comfort of pilots on long missions into outer space. It has now been adopted by health authorities across the globe to ease the pain of long term patients and the bed bound.

Visco elastic cellular polymer (memory foam) is a high density material that will mould to the individual curves of each body and will always return back to its original shape. Memory foam responds to your body's weight and temperature, creating a reflection of your contours. No matter what the body weight, the memory flex mattress spreads the sleepers weight and provides perfect support with the least possible pressure. This promotes greater sleeping comfort and has been proved to give relief to aching joints and muscles whilst also improving circulation.

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