Monday, 4 April 2011

recent installation work

'Ins and Outs'

Installation, 2011, in a window at the '13th Note' cafe bar in King Street, Glasgow (27th March to 24th April 2011) - pen on paper, colour photographs (of the two polars bears Mercedes & Walker at Highland Wildlife Park, Kincraig, taken in Feb 2011), watercolour, embossed prints, found pet cage, canvas, tissue paper, typed words.

Lisa Jennings - about my work

My work is inspired by the ephemeral in life, and particularly that of nature.

I explore moments, habitats, patterns, behaviours and responses to, within

and between nature and human beings. I am focused in my current work

on the relationship of interdependancy between man and endangered species, through

exploring the history of, present experience and future of this

by looking at the zoo environment.

Installation work is the medium in which I mostly create, and this can and
does sometimes encompass drawings, printing, photography, sound, video
and sculptural work. I have been creating installations for just under
3 years, and this one is my 8th. I am always keeping an eye out for
interesting ways to explore spaces in art and have recently started to
explore how atmosphere and interaction is significant to the work
of an installation. This is what I carry forward in my practice, and
prepare work for the forthcoming Degree show.

You can find out more about my work and that of my
BA (Hons) Visual Art degree course
colleagues at North Glasgow college
on our website:

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